I was recently in Japan, scouring the retail landscape of Tokyo, so often thinking, “This would be great in Melbourne”. It was during one of these moments, while in a home wares store on the main drag of Aoyama, that I picked up a candle encased in clinical glass jar. It was plain looking and a little simple in its aesthetic, and so the name of the brand was quite apt. The product was also rather fitting in its Japanese setting, in line with the elegant, pared-back design sensibility. So it was to my surprise that after turning the jar over I found that, like me, this candle had travelled all the way from Melbourne.

Plain & Simple is a range of large apothecary jars, pestle and mortars and William Thomas candles made with perfume.

Their product is subtle and somewhat familiar; jars you think you’ve seen in Vogue Living filled with small egg shaped soaps or ‘FARINE A GATEAU, ‘SUCRE EN POUDRE’ and other such ingredients emblazed across the front in French . They are perhaps also similar to the jars filled with jellybeans at the doctor’s clinic.

Their hand blown glassware comes in clear or amber, while their candles are made from soy wax – scented with green tea, lime, basil and mandarin, or sage flower – and will burn for more than 80 hours. I know you’ve seen similar things before and these are nothing fancy, but they don’t propose to be. It is just another nice product encased by pleasingly restrained design, and that’s why we like them.