A prototype for sustainable office buildings of the future, the new Pixel building is the most environmentally advanced structure of its time and has been awarded the highest Green Score ever by the Green Building Council of Australia.

Developed by Grocon, the four story Pixel building is located at the old Carlton Brewery site at the top end of Swanston Street. Grocon believe that it is the 'greenest' building in the world.

Pixel is completely self sufficient for energy and water. It features an insulating rooftop garden with solar panels and wind turbines, as well as an integrated night cooling system, automatically opening windows in the evenings to create air flow. It will use the methane from bathroom and kitchen waste as an energy source for the building's hot water heaters. And each drop of rain it collects will be used three times, on the garden, through the taps and as grey water, before being discharged.

"Pixel is now a living, breathing example of what the office of the future can look like", says Daniel Grollo, Grocon CEO. "Pixel will generate more energy on site than it uses, but also over time it will offset all of the carbon used in its construction and become carbon positive, giving excess energy back to the grid."

The building was designed by Melbourne architects studio505.

There are some very interesting green facts and figures relating to just how innovative this new structure is. Find out more about here www.pixelbuilding.com.au

Basically, Pixel is, arguably, the most eco friendly building on the planet, and it's home is Melbourne.