Taking a very playful approach to art, Melbourne CBD gallery Utopian Slumps is hoping to turn a collection of everyday doodles into ready cash for concept-bar Shebeen.

After similar humble beginnings as a non-profit gallery in Collingwood, Director Melissa Loughnan says her newly commercialised gallery in the city is aiming to help Shebeen through the last stages of its fundraising efforts, by selling off the creative outpourings of some known and unknown personalities.

Stocking a diverse range of internationally sourced beer and wine, Shebeen aims to open its doors early next year, with all of its liquid profits going directly back towards helping the developing countries they are sourced from.

“We have put drop-boxes around the CBD and we are calling for people to put their doodles into them,” Melissa says. “It will be a completely open access – everything that gets submitted will be put on display, but we are also inviting a number of celebrity-type people to offer up their doodles too,” she says.

And in true art-world style, the not-so-serious final auction of doodles will be presided over by a Sotheby’s expert at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art on November 24, with all proceeds going towards the Shebeen Social Investment Fund.

You can submit your own doodle to one of the boxes on display at Federation Square, Abbotsford Convent, the VCA Cafe, Craft Victoria or Lamington Drive, or simply send your signed doodle to:

Pin Up Your Doodle
c/o Utopian Slumps
1/33 Guildford Lane