An initiative of creative studio Something Together, the Pin-Up Project Space was conceived as a place to exhibit, communicate and promote architecture and design to the public in an accessible and inspirational environment.

This Thursday night, Pin-Up continues its mission to communicate the value of quality architecture and design to the wider community by opening their Collingwood doors on Arrival Departure, an exhibition by WA-based artist Jon Tarry that promises to “test the thresholds or perception.”

As the very first of Pin-Up’s summer residents, Tarry was given working space, curatorial assistance, publicity support and accommodation so he could work through the summer on an exhibition that explores the connection between art, architecture and contemporary culture.

Embracing the open-plan Pin-Up space and the experience of travelling to Melbourne has helped Tarry conceptualise the work on show. He says that his first encounter with the space invoked a sense of “constrained anticipation, of unknowing”.

“Listening to the building ‘crack’ in the summer heat, a ‘nothingness’ is apparent – like a blank piece of paper. These early thoughts and existential musings give way to a confluence of ideas and a preoccupation with the sensorial.”

This preoccupation with the sensory has seen Tarry fill the Pin-Up’s ‘nothingness’ with an incredibly diverse body of works including a 10-metre extruded drawing, a ‘cargo’ sculpture, serial wall constructions and time-relayed film. He’s also worked with a pair of nanotechnology scientists on something cryptically referred to as an “engagement with nano luminescence”.

With Pin-Up mischievously keeping mum on what that actually means, Arrival Departure sounds like it could be well worth perceiving for yourself.

Arrival Departure opens tonight at Pin Up Project Space and runs until March 10.