Melbourne photographer and seasoned traveller Paul Barbera has photographed creative offices from all over the world for his personal project Where They Create. What began as a blog, before becoming increasingly popular, has culminated in a beautiful hardcover book, which offers a candid peek into the studios of 32 cult creatives from around the world.

There is something about other people’s creative spaces that fascinates, particularly when what they are people we admire. For Barbera, it was the voyeuristic nature of seeing what inspires people and this translates powerfully in his work.

Acne Studios, Opening Ceremony, Olaf Breuning, Jeremiah Goodman, KesselsKramer, Wallpaper, Fantastic Man and Melbourne's own Tin & Ed are just some of the workspaces Barbera visited. Twenty years in the making, it all comes together in a book published in his second hometown of Amsterdam by renowned Dutch publishers, Frame.

Complimenting Barbera’s seemingly effortless, deformalised images, the book includes insightful interviews in which subjects reveal not only how their daily environment influences their output, but also what's on their desk and even in their fridge. The book is published in an extremely limited edition, with only 5000 copies available worldwide.

Amsterdam based creative agency Dolly Rogers have produced a short doco about Paul Barbera and his project Where They Create. He talks candidly about the project as he shoots Thonik graphic design studio in Amsterdam. Music is by Valgeir Sigurdsoon - Lungs, For Merrille.

Where They Create - Paul Barbera from Dolly Rogers on Vimeo.