When you’re absorbed in a cultural event, or in the midst of something wholesome or special, there always comes a sobering moment when you think, ‘This would be better with alcohol’. Technically it’s a depressant, but that’s what you want at a museum, art gallery or a wedding – something to slow you down and help you savour the moment.

It seems the curators at the Melbourne Museum feel the same way, so they’ve come up with a simple solution – a one-night only event for adults (18+). Named Smart Bar, it’s a combination of guest DJs, a bar and a multitude of interesting one–off attractions at the Museum, without a Grade 2 excursion in tow.

If you have the stomach for it, you can watch your first dissection with a glass of champagne in hand, or gain insight into deep-sea biology. You can also see the Museum’s daytime attractions at night, like live spiders and insects, dinosaur fossils and the Earth 3D Volcano experience.

The event plays out on Thursday March 1 at the Melbourne Museum. It’s a wonderful opportunity to leave the kids behind and indulge in a few simple pleasures simultaneously – expanding the mind and having a drink.

Smart Bar at Melbourne Museum, Thursday March 1 from 6pm to 10pm. Adults $18, Concession $16 (includes entry to Melbourne Museum and one complimentary beer, wine or soft drink). Adults 18+ only.