Update: The Olsen Pool Club is no longer available.

The Olsen Hotel on Chapel Street has become a Melbourne favourite over the past few years. Inspired by and featuring the work of Newcastle artist, John Olsen, the hotel combines the comfort of a five-star hotel with the style of a gallery, and now, the pool club of the summer. The glass-bottomed pool, with its views across South Yarra, will welcome residents, guests and members of the public (with a $15 spend at the hotel’s Spoonbill restaurant) to drink at the bar, luxuriate on the deck chairs and swim above the street and the crowds. It’s all very lavish and if their opening night is anything to go by, it’s set to be a hit.

The elevator opens onto a wide sun room beside the pool. It’s partially undercover, with a light and airy bar framed by two staircases sweeping onto the roof terrace. The pool is a blue rectangle overlooking the city, and when we were there, featured a bikinied model floating on an inflatable swan. There’s no guarantee she’ll still be there when you visit, but either way it’s a pretty fine way to spend a summer’s evening.

If beach crowds and yelling kids at a pool isn’t for you, getting above all that, and the city, will be a welcome change this summer.

The Olsen Hotel Pool Club is open 2pm until 7pm, every Sunday over summer, starting December 1. Closed December 22 and 29.

The Olsen Hotel
637 - 641 Chapel Street, South Yarra