The Obus Wall project that launched last March lets local and international artists mess up the Obus store – in a creative way, of course. The first installment saw Kristin McIver delve into the aspirational impulses of the middle class with her project titled Divine Intervention.

The second project, to be launched this Wednesday May 25, takes inspiration from the store itself. Dawn Tan, a recent VCA graduate and self-confessed tree hugger, fell in love with the greenery that lives in the Obus store. She will continue the greenhouse vibe by painting watercolours straight onto the wall to create a vertical garden.

Dawn is most known for her instantly recognisable giant food sculptures. You might have seen the oversized marshmallow packet posing for photographs around Melbourne.

To watch Dawn as she works, head down to the store between 10am and 6pm on May 23 (today) or 24.

The wall will be on display from May 25 until June 14 at the Obus store on Flinders Lane.