Based in Thornbury but willing to cross town, Nomad Cyclery has joined the small but dedicated handful of bicycle repair services that come to you.

Nomad does everything from servicing, making custom bikes, selling parts and building custom wheel sets from a cargo bike that carries stands, tools, parts and sometimes entire bikes to its customers’ homes and offices.

After studying mechanical engineering at Monash University in Clayton – which had a great student-run bike shop, The Bikery, where he volunteered most days – Steve Abbott noticed there were very few people offering same-day or on-site servicing. “Some customers would complain of waiting days for their bikes to be fixed,” says Abbott, “and for some cash-strapped students, it was their only form of transport.”

In 2010 Abbott started fixing friends’ bikes as a bit of a hobby, to support his own bike purchases, but Nomad Cyclery has since developed into a full-time business.

“I love seeing Melbourne’s bike scene grow. Some of the offices I visit in the city are building impressive bike arrival stations with lockers and showers – often over car spaces – which is great to see.”

The majority of the work Nomad Cyclery does is on site, where Abbott brings his trailer with bike parts. Though if he comes across a tricky problem which needs bigger tools, the bike will go on the back of his cargo bike to his Thornbury workshop.

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“The engineer in me has always meant I enjoy pulling apart, modifying and customising my own bikes,” says Abbott, “from mountain to commuter and fix geared.”