For new editor Gabriella Coslovich, the NGV’s recently relaunched Gallery magazine is indicative of the institution’s repositioning under director Tony Ellwood. “It’s an attitude that is much more open and engaged with the city and the rest of the world and we wanted the magazine to reflect that as well,” she says. “It has a new voice and certain personality that’s more engaged with contemporary debates about art and about the city.”

Coslovich, a former senior writer and arts journalist for The Age, was set the task of steering the magazine away from what some might have interpreted as a particularly in-house feel, in the hope of giving the publication a more engaging and refined design and editorial presence. “We wanted it to look contemporary and beautiful, and the look is completely different to the previous incarnation,” she says of Gallery’s new identity, which was developed by Melbourne design firm Studio Round. “We wanted Gallery to be able to sit in a newsstand alongside all these other magazines that we respect and stand out as the kind of magazine that you want to pick up and read.”

The November-December issue, which launched last week, features fashion duo PAM – artist and designer Misha Hollenbach and designer Shauna Toohey – on the cover as part of a story tracing the role of the contemporary in the more traditional environment of the art museum (one of Ellwood’s ongoing pitches in his time at the helm of the NGV), a studio visit with veteran abstractionist Gareth Sansom and profiles on jewellery designer Manon van Kouswijk and shoemaker Jess Wootten alongside several other profiles, interviews, historical articles and reviews.

While the role of an in-house magazine is effectively to push an institution’s agenda, Coslovich is confident that Gallery transcends the mould. “I want the writing and the ideas to really engage readers,” she says. “I don’t want it to be there to simply promote.”

“I’m really proud with what we’ve achieved with the first issue.”

Gallery magazine is available from the NGV bookshops.