“It had been brewing for a long time,” says Fleur Watson, ex Monument magazine editor and founder of Something Together, the creative studio she began with architect Martyn Hook. “It’s a collaboration focused on a more accessible communication of architecture and design,” she notes. “We feel that it is often misunderstood or not valued in our culture because of the way architects communicate.”

At Something Together, Fleur and Martyn have been working on projects for years, curating the State of Design Festival in 2008 and 2009, and working concepts such as After Dark, a project for Aesop with March Studios and a jewellery projection called Figment, before creating PinUp.

Taking its names from a studio approach where designers ‘pin up’ their design process and ideas, PinUp’s inaugural exhibition, The First Show, opens the gallery space later this week. To celebrate the future of PinUp, they have invited 20 of Melbourne’s architecture and design studios to reflect on their work and showcase visually the moment they arrived as a creative, individually or as a practice. This process of reflection will inevitably reveal influences and concerns, while engaging a wide audience with the process of design.

Dedicated to independent communications, PinUp is a self-funded project, and will show between four and six shows at year at the creative hub at the Compound Interest in Collingwood. Activated by the content, there will also be several events on in the project space during each exhibition.

The First Show opens at The Compound Interest on March 10 and will run until April 30.