Could there be a better venue to showcase Danish furniture design than that icon of Danish architecture in our very own backyard, the Sydney Opera House? Indeed, Jorn Utzon’s landmark building is just as impressive from the inside – with its harbour views and classic stylings – as it is from the outside. It seems fitting, then, that the furniture designs of fellow Dane Nanna Ditzel be featured in an update of the Opera House’s Western Foyer.

Born in Copenhagen, Ditzel was a key member of the post-war Danish modern movement. She loved to experiment and work across different mediums, including furniture, textiles and even jewellery (she designed a range for luxury lifestyle brand George Jenson in the 1950s). As a qualified cabinetmaker and furniture designer, she won countless awards over the course of her long career, utilised new materials and techniques and created pieces that have stood the test of time.

Today, Snedkergaarden – a boutique factory in Denmark dedicated to the production of high-end furniture – continues to manufacture a range of Ditzel’s pieces. Only the highest quality timber is used, with an eye to ensuring each piece meets both the factory and Ditzel’s discerning standards.

Scandinavian design specialists Great Dane have become known for their relationships with manufacturers and designers in the region, not to mention their ability to bring little-known designs to our southern shores. After contacting Snedkergaarden in 2011, Ditzel’s furniture began to arrive in Australia and less than a year later has found a home at the Opera House.

After being approached by interior design consultants Luchetti Krelle in regards to their refurbishment of the Opera House’s Western Foyer, Great Dane suggested Ditzel’s classic furniture to bring the room together.

“The Sydney Opera House fell in love with them,” says Great Dane founder Anton Assaad of Ditzel’s signature works. “Nanna’s work has a lovely feminine touch to it – soft yet clean – so of course, we were thrilled to have the chair placed in one of the most renowned pieces of Danish architecture in the world.”

Luchetti Krelle and the Opera House chose the ND 83 chair, the matching ND 82 sofa, as well as a custom coffee table made by Snedkergaarden.

“I’ve always loved the ND 83,” says Assaad. “It’s beautiful, simple, elegant and most importantly, very, very comfortable.“

This is the second in a series of articles exploring Scandinavian design and its key designers, brought to you by Great Dane.