Marianne Diaz has launched her latest exhibition, My Way, at the Trocadero Art Space in Footscray. Currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Art at RMIT, Diaz’s work draws on both the Asian-Australian experience and popular culture more widely.

Her first exhibition – a window installation of her previous fashion design venture Paco Park – invited viewers to challenge the ubiquitous fashion versus art debate, while more recent works as part of her Homing In exhibition saw Diaz use everyday objects in Asian culture (such as hand-embroidered rice bags and a Maneki-neko lucky cat covered entirely with grains of rice) to explore the subjugation and suffering of women in the sex industry.

My Way encompasses a video installation with a television set and microphone, inviting audiences to a live public karaoke performance of a well-known Frank Sinatra song. This is the second time Diaz has utilised video installation in her work, with her previous Gold Digger exhibition providing social commentary on the materialistic and opportunistic nature of Asian women via a karaoke reel. Through audience interaction, Diaz seeks to “create a new narrative of male dominance and sexual exploitation, and subvert these cultural tropes with humour”.

The My Way shows at Trocadero Art Space from until August 11.