Bree Claffey, the owner of Brunswick store Mr Kitly, has always admired the sleek designs of the self-watering plant pot, which gained popularity in the ‘80s. So much so she sought out the company who makes them, Décor, in order to bring them back in a range of contemporary colours and sizes.

The pots, designed by Richard Carlson, are a pioneering Australian model in self-watering planters. You just fill the well at the bottom with water and the plant will draw it up into the soil as it needs it. Then all you have to do is make sure the water at the bottom is topped up.

“They’re for people who like good, clean design and for people who might have a lot of plants because it makes taking care of lots of plants quite easy,” says Claffey.

“They’re also quite compact and light, which would suit people who live in apartments. Or bigger plants in offices.”

The pots are available in grey, yellow, black and white and in a small or large.

Mr Kitly x Decor Selfwatering plant pots are available in store at Mr Kitly and through its online store.