Moving house isn’t usually fun. Trying to arrange and display your favourite things in a new space is always a challenge. Personal items that fit perfectly in one house can suddenly seem out of place in another, or just don’t fit the dimensions of the new home. This challenge was the impetus for Naomi Burd to find a new direction for her plant and homewares store Cool Cactus, now reborn as Well Placed. She already had a knack for helping people bring individuality and beauty into their homes. Now she’s offering ways of organising, storing and displaying your stuff.

“I found that the pieces that I kept wanting to buy were things that would help me better organise my space – and I found it really hard to find nice versions of those things that were well designed and unique,” says Burd. “[Well Placed is about] finding ways to make the space that you live or work in feel more beautiful and comfortable.”

Multipurpose pieces like storage baskets are around, but this isn’t a utilitarian shop filled with plastic containers and wire racks. Burd has a keen eye for items that are both beautiful and useful, and draws upon a mix of local and overseas designers and brands to find items with personality. For example Uashama’s washable paper bags and woven Italian neoprene baskets.

“They all either help you display something, help you store something or they help you organise something – those are the three pillars that define the things that I’ve sourced,” says Burd.

“At Well Placed we really want to encourage people to be proud of their own style and find ways to show that off. So we’re not minimal at all – we want to encourage you to embrace the things around you that you love, but just find nice ways to put them all together.”

Well Placed
6A Barkly Avenue, Armadale VIC
0413 555 714

Wed to Sat 10am–5pm

This article was updated on July 19, 2019.