“I often get asked if I make blankets for big people,” says Sunday Ganim, a Melbourne-based textile designer whose portfolio of knitwear includes pretty woven scarfs and cuddly merino wool baby blankets. Ganim has heeded the call, switching little wraps for big throws with her range of Stripes! throw blankets.

Roughly the size of a single-bed doona, the throws are perfect to toss across the end of a bed, a couch or to bundle up and carry to the nearest park. Using 100 per cent Egyptian cotton imported from Italy, the throws are durable, lightweight and knitted locally in Melbourne.

“The idea is to make something which is great quality, so you only have to buy it once,” says Ganim.

For the latest look book, Ganim worked with photographer Earl Carter to create an aerial display of the throw blankets using a high-tech method that included a ladder and a leaf-blower.

“We just wanted to take the throw out of the house, opposed to a boring shoot of a blanket on a bed or a couch,” says Ganim.

“They look more like a sculpture this way, and really take on a life of their own.”