We all seem to rely on our cars, computers and smart phones on a daily basis. Many of us have created professional livelihoods based around the convenience of modern technology.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the growing appreciation of classic craftsmanship is on the rise and quickly making its way to the forefront of discussion.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the like of Whole Larder Love’s Rohan Anderson, the boys from Captains of Industry and Mud Australia’s Shelley Simpson each excelling at plying their traditional trades in a contemporary context, showing the world exactly how valuable their skill sets are.

In support of this resurgence, Ketel One has decided to reward one modern craftsman with a $100,000 legacy. Through the Modern Craft Project, individuals who are passionate about their trade, create exciting products and are willing to test their skills all have the chance to win.

As we start to unearth more artists, designers, chefs and all-round creatives, we’re starting to notice just how many truly talented craftsmen there are out there.

Based on the values of the brand’s long family history and dedication to their artisan values, Ketel One has enlisted the help of some local talent and – just as they found success 11 generations ago – they hope to assist a fellow deserving craftsman.

Bob Nolet of Ketel One, Nick Palumbo of Gelato Messina, Lucy Folk of Lucy Folk Jewellery and Christian Condo of the Modern Motorcycle Company form a well-rounded judging panel to decide who walks away with the grand prize. Respected and admired in their own fields, these judges will be using their creatively diverse backgrounds to decide who should win.

Entries to The Modern Craft Project end on December 31. For your chance to win, enter here.