Located in the historic Australian Knitting Mills in Richmond is a venue that very will become the newest addition to the city’s performances spaces, MKA Richmond. The name is an inversion of AKM (Australian Knitting Mills). As you walk through the laneway to the building from Richmond station, the sign on the archway is backwards 'MKA'.

Opening its door to playwrights, this new theatre space encourages the writer to take centre stage in developing the craft of writing for the theatre. Creating a professional space that is a launching pad to a high theatrical ground, MKA Richmond is basing their new type of performance space on successful models of the Royal Court and SOHO in London, the Deutsche Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, Cafe Teatret in Copenhagen, Instant Cafe Theatre in Kuala Lumpur, and locally the Griffin Theatre in Sydney.

Two local playswrights, are the co-founders of the new MKA theatre Tobias Manderson-Galvin and Glyn Roberts. They’ve kicked out the last of the squatters that inhabited the space for years, and also any ideas of established elite theatre, and have built an intimate 44 seat theatre for both local and international acts. Bringing talented local writers together in one space, MKA theatre proposed to open their season in November with 25 new plays in one month.

MKA Richmond
Studio 2/24 Tanner Street, Richmond


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