For those of us who haven't had the pleasure of subscribing to her daily email, Michi Girl might be introduced as a fictional fashionista and happily sardonic commentator who also likes to ruminate about the weather. She was developed by Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock, who met whilst working in advertising. These two creative brains eventually began to muse about a daily newsletter that they could send out to friends. What started with an email list of six now reaches tens of thousands of subscribers worldwide. Its popularity was doubtlessly propelled by renowned illustrator Kat Macleod's re-invention of the character's image as the cheeky, frank and always stylish Michi Girl.

Michi Girl is recognisable as the red-headed figure, often drawn reclining in pools of colour and cute outfits, playfully represented via Macleod’s stunning line work, vivid watercolours and collaged fabric swatches, paper and even plastic bags. The show will present a series of drawings previously published in Michi's two books, including the very popular Like I Give a Frock (2008) and What on Earth Are You Wearing? (2010). Limited edition prints will also feature and Michi Girl merchandise will be available for purchase, so that everyone can take a piece of her home.

And who wouldn't want to, considering Macleod has worked with Chinese and Australian Vogue, completed personal projects for Collette Dinnigan and even helped to jazz up The Australian Ballet. Macleod also runs renowned graphic design studio Ortolan with Quigley and Simone Elder (two of her best friends) and shows no signs of applying the brakes anytime soon.

Page Girls by Kat Macleod opens at Lamington Drive tonight and runs until November 19.

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