Size does matter for Bar Americano. In fact, for the tiny espresso and aperitif bar situated in a narrow CBD laneway, the smaller the better.

They’ve applied such logic to the Trink Tank Tank, a new gallery window measuring just 20 by 30 centimetres.

Anna Pappas Gallery is handling the curation of miniscule exhibition space this year, with the first of the work, by artist Marc Standing, showing until May 27.

Standing’s Duchess of Avon proudly inhabits the tiny exhibition space. Taking the form of a doll-like statuette, it begs comparison to a bewitched and bedevilled Barbie. Based around an original Avon perfume bottle from the 1970s, the Duchess of Avon has her face painted in a tribal fashion and her base wound with a cornucopia of brightly coloured threads, which work in stark contrast to the white and black of the figure.

Tahlia Jolly, assistant curator at the Anna Pappas Gallery, says the artwork highlights a cultural clash – a commentary on colonialism and pop culture. “It has an aggressive outlook and a conflict with the thread around the base that should be soft and enveloping, but instead feels claustrophobic,” she says.

Bar Americano representative Matthew Roberts says the gallery space is a rare opportunity for artists to do something different.

Indeed, the collision of coffee, art and aperitifs is a cultural fusion that fits well with Bar Americano owner Matt Bax’s creative ethos.

“Matt is so art-driven,” Roberts explains. “It’s his number one love, as an artist first and a bartender second.”

Marc Standing’s Duchess of Avon will be on display at the Trink Tank Tank at Bar Americano until May 27.

Bar Americano
20 Presgrave Place, Melbourne