The 2010 spring edition of Melbourne for Visitors and Casual Cyclists is hot off the press and comes with an uplifting message; spring is here and things are looking good for those of us who were deterred by the winter slog. The A3 monochromatic guide is bursting at the margins with another assortment of new cafes on the block, buildings left untouched and routes to lead you down a different garden path.

The seasonal feature Hidden Heritage by architectural historian Rohan Storey allows for man’s feats in building and design to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Perhaps it’s the Spring Racing Carnival but there seems to be a thread to fashion in this edition as Storey gives us the background on some turn of the century department stores.

Perhaps heading the advice of one German tourist who noted Melburnians ride like they’re in a race, The Humble Vintage slows down the pace with Window Shopper which tracks the other side of high end fashion.

Picnic in the Park: A Survival Guide offers two choices per city garden on where to pick up yummy picnic items, leaving the hardest decision to be made, which park to unfold the blanket? This issue will have you wanting to attach wicker baskets to your two wheeled chaperones to fit all the good things you’ll be find on your travels.

The guide is produced in limited runs and is available for purchase for $3 from Readings, Metropolis, The Paperback and the NGV Bookstore, but comes free with rentals.