One thing Australia has a particular knack for – aside from sport – is scale.

Whether it’s a giant fruit, beer can or Skywhale (funnily enough there’s a full Wikipedia list), rest assured we have your gargantuan object of choice.

Melbourne’s large-scale puppet company, Snuff Puppets, is continuing this tradition, attempting to bring you the world’s largest human puppet called, Everybody.

Everybody is a grand experiment, a manifestation, celebration and liberation,” says Andy Freer, artistic director of Snuff Puppets.

The installation will sit at 26.5 metres long, with performers moving its numerous body parts and organs- which are detachable.

The parts include exaggerated feet, eyes and ears, with the puppet’s face resembling Luna Park if it were interpreted by Ben Quilty.

This production won’t hold any taboo sacred, and it’s very possible you will witness a vagina turning into an erect penis during your visit.

The company has consistently challenged audiences, weaving its distinct form of obscenity into each performance. Everybody continues in this tradition, albeit in a slightly more visceral way.

Everybody’s skin has been stretched across its bamboo bones, “blood” has been injected into its heart and Everybody’s hair has been made to scale from a king-size loom.

The company has based itself out of the Footscray Drill Hall since 1992, and Everybody sees its first foray into crowdfunding. Right now it has reached about three-quarters of its $5000 target.

Freer says he wanted the project to, “Celebrate the human body in all its surreal and visceral beauty.

“I want to take our audience to a place they could never have imagined,” he says.

That explains why, when you visit Everybody you might be asked to interact with gigantic poo. If you’re lucky.

Everybody will sit at Testing Grounds from December 4–6. It will reappear for the inaugural SummerSalt outdoor arts festival in February 2015, and will be touring with the company after that.