Marc Martin is bringing his sense of wonder and curiosity to Perimeter Books with his new exhibition, Tiny Wonders, inspired by the German concept of Wunderkammer.

One half of design studio Lanz+Martin, the Melbourne-based illustrator and graphic designer has made a name for his explorations of the printed form. Armed with watercolour, textas, pencil, ink and the computer, this artist creates manipulated compositions that truly inspire the imagination. His work is recognisable for its striking graphic qualities, intricate textures, bold use of colour and ability to find the unique in the inconspicuous.

After taking us on a world safari of exotic animals with 2010 book, The Curious Explorers Illustrated Pocket Companion to Exotic Animals, and recent publication for Erm Books, Silent Observer, Martin will now transport us into the world within teeny, tiny objects. Based on the idea of the German Wunderkammer (‘wonder-room’), this exhibition will delve into the territory of the curious object, unmasking the ‘theatre of the world’. Martin has taken found and imagined objects rooted in natural history, ethnography, religion and antiques and catapulted them onto petit prints (in an extremely limited edition of one copy per print).

Opening from 3pm to 5pm tomorrow (Saturday June 9), this is an exhibition that promises to inspire.

Tiny Wonders launches at Perimeter Books this Saturday June 9, from 3pm to 5pm, and runs until June 30.