Here’s the basic idea: Melbourne sisters Bliss and Bonnie Adams want to make marble a part of your everyday life.

A striking and luxurious material, the idea of owning a complete marble benchtop or table is out of reach for many of us.

But while studying visual arts at Monash University, Bonnie, now 24, stumbled across a way to bring marble to the people that hadn’t yet been explored.

“I was making jewellery at university, and looking into stones and slate,” she says. “I started looking into marble production, and found there was a real gap in the homewares market.”

“Home gardening had become very trendy at the time, so at first the business was really based around one product: the [small] marble pot.”

Bonnie enlisted her sister and interior decorator, Bliss, and the sisters began sharing the design work and the many roles that come with starting and running a small business.

Since production began last year, their range has expanded to 20 products, including cheeseboards, trays and bowls starting at $43. Sleek and minimalist, and with the cold, dark patterns of luxury, the geometric shapes let the stone do the talking. The products are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

“Marble is beautiful but it’s also very durable, so it’s useful for food preparation,” says Bonnie.

The sisters are constantly finding new uses for their products; the octagonal trivet can swing from breadboard, to vase-base and coffee table decoration.

The Adams sisters are spreading the word; marble doesn’t need to be elitist.

“Not everyone can own a marble bench, so why not own a marble pot?” says Bonnie. “We want people to get their money’s worth and have these items forever.”

The new Marble Basics range is available online or at its stockists around Australia and New Zealand.