First it was knitting and crocheting – now it’s macramé that is making a return. Enjoying its heyday in the 1970s, the macramé of today is far from dated and daggy. Larger than life macramé installations are popping up all over Melbourne. Makers like Sarah Parkes (of Smalltown) has her work hanging in Lupino and Fur Fitzroy and Kate Dello’s clever pieces adorn the walls of Two Birds One Stone and other venues.

Now you’ve got the chance to wise-up to the macramé movement, with Dello and Kashia Kennedy’s Master Macramé Workshops at Richmond cafe The Fair Foodstore. Product merchandisers by day, the two decided to embark on the project after Dello gave Kennedy a macramé crash course.

“It’s something anyone can do,” says Kennedy. “People always come out saying they can’t believe how easy it is.”

Suffice to say, the pair’s classes have been a humble hit. “Our classes tend to be very small, up to eight people, so it’s really intimate and we can have one-on-one time with everyone.”

Examples of Dello’s macramé pieces abound at The Fair. A dainty Japanese hanging garden made from fluorescent pink string clusters over a communal table, while a chunky purple rope creation housing a big vase of succulents punctuates another corner of the space.

It’s an inspiring environment. “People come to the class and immediately they look around to see how they can use their creations when they go home,” notes Kennedy. “We’ve had people go away and say they want to make a pot holder for Christmas presents.

“I also made a basketball basket for my husband recently.”

While Dello sets about grouping clusters of multi-coloured polyester ropes, each sporting the nametags of the class participants, Kennedy explains that each students gets to choose the colour of their rope prior to each class. Each class runs for around two and a half hours and for $85, participants gets all the rope they’ll need for the class and a fishbowl vase to take home and fill up with whatever they please.

Master Macramé Workshop Schedule:
Tuesday October 30
Wednesday October 31
Wednesday November 7
Thursday November 8
Wednesday November 14

Classes start at 6pm. To book a spot, email Katie Dello with your choice of rope colour at

The Fair Foodstore
135 Church Street, Richmond