When you think of the phrase ‘pin-up boy’, it’s fairly likely that a teen with abs larger than his film careers come to mind. Taylor Lautner. Taylor Posey. If you’re a little older, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Generally anyone named Taylor.

It’s less likely that you’d think of Jarrod Quarrell, the man behind Lost Animal. Nonetheless, a full-colour poster of Quarrell is what you’ll receive if you purchase Lost Animal’s debut album, Ex Tropical, from Polyester Records for a limited time. The store tells us there’s a limit of “about 40”, so you’d better get in quick if there’s a space for a skinny, tattooed local muso on your wall.

There is another reason to head to Polyester’s city store pronto: Lost Animal will be playing an in-store at 6pm tonight, Friday September 30, to mark this official day of Ex Tropical’s release.

Ex Tropical is Quarrell’s first recorded output since his exit from St Helens, the band that made it onto many an end-of-year list with their 2009 record Heavy Profession. Lost Animal isn’t an altogether divergent prospect to Quarrell’s former project; there’s still that foreboding organ underpinning his stilted, cold-faced vocal. But Ex Tropical does cement his rep as the dark horse of Melbourne’s music scene, and as one of our finest songwriters – not to mention our newest pin-up.

Lost Animal play in-store at Polyester Records’ city store, 288 Flinders Lane, Friday September 30 at 6pm. Ex Tropical is out through Sensory Projects.