The Liquid Architecture National Festival of Sound Art kicked off last night at West Space with an exhibition launch for Sonic City, a musical retelling of the urban environment, which will be followed by a series of screenings and live performances around Melbourne until September 9.

Curated by Kristen Sharp and Philip Samartzis, this sensory festival – running annually since 2000 – is a celebration of sound making and listening.

In keeping with the festival's commitment to the exoteric sounds of the city, there is a focus on the acoustics, vibrations and rhythms of urban spaces (from construction sites and public transport to buskers and traffic noise), teasing out how artists use these familiar tonal templates as a starting point for exploring sound culture. It is an entrancing reminder of the role noise plays in our memory, imagination and daily life.

The Sonic City exhibition will present sculptural and audiovisual work from Melbourne artists Darrin Verhagen and Matthew Sleeth among others, whose distinctive sound and experimental performance style will interface with gallery visitors, who are invited to take part in the works, finding intimacies by way of sound, object and performance.

A festival pass will get you access to film screenings, exhibitions and a series of live performances around Melbourne, including an immersive performance by Japanese sound artists Toshiya Tsunoda and Haco for Tram Vibrations, which will take place inside a tram on a round trip from the Melbourne CBD to Brunswick East and back.

Liquid Architecture is art for the ears. Each performance and installation will draw attention back to the illusory effects of sound, amplifying the incidental and sometimes unnoticed resonances of the urban landscape.

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The 14th Liquid Architecture Festival of Sound Art runs until September 9 at various locations across Melbourne.