In 2005, designer Cindy-Lee Davies created a design studio in homage to late grandmother Rosemary Estelle Lightly. Marrying the aesthetics of traditional crafts with cutting edge technology Davies established a new decorative language and style dubbed “Nanna Technology” that has since become a signature throughout her collections. All imbued with the same heady combination of playfulness, charm and invention Lightly is now a collection of over 80 Australian made products.

Nostalgic for times gone by, Lightly draws on memories of loved ones and past crafts as a source of creativity. Inspired by daily rituals and acts of domesticity; Lightly ‘often turns the ordinary or disregarded into seductive, thought-provoking objects of desire’.

The Lace Collection is based around four main patterns; Tia, Sophia, Rosie and Lovey, who were her grandmother’s bridge playing friends. Drawing on this as inspiration, Davies has created a range of lighting and other products using these lace patterns.

Hanging lights look as if a light napkin or doily have been placed over the top of a bulb for ambience, when really it’s slumped glass. She also has a beautiful ornamental range using china plates to create wall clocks, porcelain vases cast into the shape of a hot water bottle, and ornamental clouds, butterflies and swallows cut out of floral patterned china plates.

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