Melbourne photographer Kristoffer Paulsen’s new exhibition In Light is his first show in over a decade. The collection of works, however, is a departure from photographic tradition in almost every way.

In a technique he calls iPhone(ography), he shoots and treats images via his phone camera. But these aren’t your average amateur snaps. Weary of being written off as merely another snapper with an iPhone and Instagram filter he says, “I really believe in the work, I think they’re simple and beautiful, with a strong, unifying theme.”

In Light, which shows at Northcote’s Kau, embraces simplicity and technology, with Paulsen’s experimental approach capturing the light of the world surrounding us.

The subtitle of the exhibition reads, “A photographic excursion”. Paulsen took a literal excursion through Australia and Europe, but his technique is also an excursion from the confines of tradition. His photography exudes a sense of freedom and whimsy that only comes with the humble return to simple techniques.

In Light opens on Thursday May 31 at KAU and runs until 30 June.

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