She is Frank is a difficult phenomenon to track down, let alone define. The Melbourne-based fashion photographer’s easily recognisable style has generated much hype and a packed schedule since jumping on to the fashion scene a few years ago. This Thursday night marks Frank’s first foray into the gallery with Fire and Ice at The Everleigh Gallery on Gertrude Street.

Frank is fanatic in protecting her (or his) identity and – as a result – gender, believing the “less people know, the more they want to know”. But with Fire and Ice (s)he is kicking open the door just a little, giving you a glimpse into Frank, as Frank sees Frank.

Free from the constraints of a commercial brief, client budget or financial motive, Frank presents a self-initiated, uncensored body of work. It’s a somewhat frightening prospect for those familiar with Frank’s professional portfolio, which is a far cry from conventional.

The show – a series of juxtaposed images of sweeping Nordic landscapes and non-traditional portraits set in the Australian desert – is an exercise in extremes. The polarity of the subject matter and Frank’s approaches creates a genuine sense of tension and reflects the duality present in the photographer’s work, persona and background. The mergence of these seemingly opposing narratives proves energetic rather than discordant and creates a curious sense of cohesion and dynamism.

The exhibition publication, designed by Melbourne’s duo d uo, will be available at the opening and via Frank’s website.

Fire and Ice opens on Thursday May 24 from 6pm to 9pm at The Everleigh Gallery and shows until May 31.

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The Everleigh Gallery Level 1, 150-156 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy