There are no ‘B’ sports teams at local schools in Melbourne anymore. There are no failures or politically incorrect nursery rhyme character titles. It’s almost impossible for kids to carve their names into the laminex tabletops too. Learning is more precise than ever in the workplace as well. We’re confined to learning specifically and repetitively, constantly refining the same process.

But while our way of learning has changed, it’s still easy to quench your thirst for knowledge with the help of Laneway Learning.

You can learn something new and unusual every week at these classes, hosted by Little Mule cafe in the city. There are classes on everything from yo-yoing to the essentials of photography, run by industry professionals and local hobbyists alike, who pass on their skills face-to-face.

There’s a lot to learn in June and July, including yo-yo lessons with ad man and Gruen Transfer panellist Russel Howcroft, an insight into the humble wristwatch and a beginners guide to urban beekeeping.

Howcroft’s class is of particularly interest. The CEO of Y&R Brands and one of Australia’s leading advertising professionals, has decided to come clean on his love for the yo-yo. Howcroft will be teaching students his best tricks and talking about his life in the advertising industry and on TV.

Classes are informal, cheap and designed to be as different from school (or office) life as possible. So if you’re in the mood to learn something stimulating or refreshingly irrelevant, you should join the class list at Laneway Learning.

Yo-yoing with Russel Howcroft runs at The Little Mule Café on Thursday July 26. You can book tickets online.