Showing as part of this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival visual arts program, Ku-kikan is a group exhibition featuring the works of six established artists from Japan and Australia. Launching on September 20 at Off the Kerb gallery in Collingwood, the works explore the atmosphere of a space, which is the meaning of the Japanese term ‘Ku-kikan’.

Through a diverse selection of interactive, sculptural and site-specific works, artists Masahiro Saito, Nodoka Sakamoto, Ichiro Mae, Tomoya Murazumi, Mayumi Kyue and Rohan Hutchinson address how space and atmosphere influence the art making process. Carefully considering space, how it is used and the placement of artwork within it is not only at the heart of the exhibition, but a key focus in each artist’s individual practice.

The idea for Ku-kikan developed last year when the artists exhibited in a show together at the Kanazawa Art Centre in Japan. Discovering that their works shared a distinct vision, they decided to collaborate on another show, this time in Melbourne, which was instigated by co-curator and exhibiting artist Hutchinson.

Some of the works include a video of geometric patterns, a series of sculptural artefacts alluding to one’s emotions, and paintings depicting transparent matters.

“Ku-kikan can either be tangible or fictional. It is something that plays with the memory of a place, to give one an individual sense of a space,” says Hutchinson. “The works in the show play with this phenomenon – I guess the artworks are an extension of the artist’s own world through memory.”

Ku-kikan shows at Off the Kerb until October 4.

Off the Kerb
66b Johnston Street, Collingwood

Thurs & Fri 12.30pm–6pm
Sat & Sun noon–5pm