Third Drawer, Fitzroy’s iconic ‘storefront museum’, has just added a quirky new shop to its offering. With the space for a guest shop out the back of their headquarters in Fitzroy that was originally a concept store on rotation with foreign retailers and designers, Kiosk - a design store from New York - will now stake permanent territory.

Kiosk is stocked with a 'collection of interesting things from around the world...the things that generally go unnoticed'. Think the Original Ice Cream Scoop with magic liquid inside that makes scooping frozen cream so much easier and The Mushroom Knife, a handmade knife from far north Sweden useful for cleaning mushrooms, of all varieties. Other items include the Handy Handle bottle opener, a Finnish Dart Set and anon-slip Butterfly Can Opener. They have a knack for transforming ordinary household products from mundane to extraordinary.

This is the first time Kiosk has made its way to Australia and TTD will be permanently running Kiosk for Australia in their cave gallery space, bring in all these unusually usual items of utilitarian un-design.