Founded in Portland, Oregon by Nathan Williams, Kinfolk represents a collaboration of over 50 creative folk who share a love for community, food and a simple way of life.

The burgeoning group is fascinated by small gatherings – the concept behind each of their three issues – and Volume Three explores how such experiences can be incorporated into day-to-day life. Among its pages, a design firm gathers around the office lunch table, a husband and wife commit to eating breakfast together daily, and a young family begins a morning ritual of fried eggs and freshly pulled espresso.

“The idea came up naturally while I was talking with friends about how difficult it is to find inspiration for entertaining, and how even the term ‘entertaining’ felt too stiff and formal for what we enjoyed,” explains Williams.

“We just wanted natural, authentic, uncontrived ideas to inspire us to cook and have friends in our homes more often, so we started Kinfolk as a way of sharing those stories and ideas ourselves.”

Divided into ‘one’, ‘two’ and ‘few’, the chapters are filled with personal words and evocative images to serve as inspiration for time spent on your own, with a lover or with friends.

“Most of our readers are 25 to 35 years old and appreciate good design, photography and the smell and feel of ink on paper,” adds Williams.

In line with its philosophy, Kinfolk’s content is simple. Case in point is ‘Table Deconstruction’, a photo essay of a table, first set, then eaten at and later cleared. The same sensibility extends to the design, with sparse pages, clean typefaces and brief, uncontrived headlines.

Kinfolk is ray of hope in a dwindling print industry; a manifestation of the idea that sitting on a cold winter’s day, with a mug of tea, woolly socks and a good magazine in your lap is an experience unmatched.

Kinfolk is available from Mag Nation.