With the Australian art market already on shaky ground, the news that Richmond’s once solid Albert Street gallery precinct was dissipating sent many an observer into a flap about the demise of the bricks and mortar gallery. Once the home of seven different gallery outfits – including mainstays John Buckley, Jenny Port, Anita Traverso, Sophie Gannon and Karen Woodbury – of late, the street has seceded some of its key spaces.

Jenny Port closed her doors and took up a role managing John Buckley late last year, while rumours have abounded over the future Karen Woodbury’s operation after her Richmond gallery bowed out following 70 exhibitions over seven years.

But Woodbury – whose stable includes the likes of Lionel Bowden, Jane Burton, Sam Jinks, Locust Jones, Kate Rohde and countless others – hasn’t shut up shop. Far from it. With several offsite projects in the works for 2012, including an exhibition of Lara Merrett’s colour-drenched paintings running April 4–28 at Block Projects, Woodbury has announced the location of her next permanent space, in the midst of the gallery-heavy Flinders Lane strip.

Woodbury will open by appointment only while the new space (upstairs from Zambesi at 167 Flinders Lane) undergoes renovations before the official reopening in early 2013.

Melbourne’s art scene continues to buckle and shift.

Lara Merrett’s Invaders shows at Block Projects April 4–28.