In the Japanese language, ‘kumu’ translates ‘to link or partner up; to unite’. It’s a notion that permeates the new exhibition of the same name at Mr Kitly in Brunswick. Kumu is the work of Japanese designer Masanori Oji, whose impeccably refined works have been featured around the globe.

Oji has worked with Rina Ono and other Japanese designers to bring us the exhibition, a collection of wood, metal, textile and paper works, all of which will be available for purchase at Mr Kitly.

Both Oji and Ono fuse the time-honoured and the modern by working with traditional craftsmen and workshops to create their distinctly contemporary works, at times transforming the most mundane of household items such as teacups and saucers into sleek design pieces. Their work displays the kind of appreciation for good design and beautiful craftsmanship that is a signature of Japanese culture.