The latest limited edition offering from Melbourne art publisher Erm Books, Surfaces is a collection of works from Melbourne-born, Montreal-based artist Jackson Slattery.

Slattery doesn’t just paint. He is an artist who probes a little deeper, presses buttons he maybe shouldn’t and then captures those moments in explicit detail. His photorealist watercolours are infused with this curiosity and his first artist’s book Surfaces is a collection of recent and never-before-seen works dedicated to the spirit of enquiry.

Whether a balloon about to pop or a rose behind opaque glass, Slattery’s technique captures the transitory moment with a skilful and accurate grace. These fleeting moments are at times dramatic but often poignant and defy their initial read.

On closer inspection, Surfaces becomes an elegant musing on its title; the viewer never knows the complete story behind each work but we’re compelled to find out. This is the magic of Slattery’s work. Using the unmalleable and unforgiving medium of watercolour, Slattery’s painstaking and labour intensive works are without dramatisation and don’t dwell or aggrandise. Surfaces will no doubt be poured over time and time again.

An RMIT graduate and former Metro Art Award-winner, Slattery is represented by Sutton Gallery in Melbourne and the launching of Surfaces coincides with the opening of his latest exhibition Wrong Formalism.

Wrong Formalism opens at Sutton Gallery, Fitzroy this Saturday June 30, 4pm-6pm, and runs until July 24. Books are available at the launch, online at Erm Books and at selected independent bookstores.