Who needs a green thumb when a green pinky will do? For the desktop gardener in all of us, Miniscapes’ modern terrariums bring just enough outside in, without the need to pull on a gardening glove.

“Miniscapes came about because I’m a lazy gardener, and terrariums often strive on neglect,” says Miniscapes founder Clea Cregan. These miniature landscapes are small in stature for people short on space. “They are great for those of us who have little room, work in offices or live in apartments,” explains Cregan. “Most of us live and work removed from nature so viewing these landscapes up close is good for the soul.”

The key to these petit landscapes is to get up close and personal. “Terrariums can be viewed from every angle,” notes Cregan. “I love that as you turn a terrarium, you may find something hidden behind a rock or a tree.” Using a variety of pint-sized plants of different heights, colours and foliage, Miniscapes create a sense of depth that draws the viewer ever closer. To accentuate scale, “we use tiny animals or people in most of our landscapes; nudists in the woods is a favourite of mine. We like the terrariums to virtually mimic their native environments, in miniature.”

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Behind these delicate pieces are a dedicated team of terrarium craftspeople “with tiny hands”. The team also works with a glass artist to create the range of voluptuous glass vessels for the landscapes to inhabit. For the hands-on gardener, Miniscapes has just released a DIY terrarium kit that can be popped in the post. Fortunately for some, they have a splendorous range of pre-made terrariums to choose from, for those who prefer to just sit close and enjoy.

Miniscapes at Lamington Drive

15–25 Keele Street, Collingwood


Wed to Fri 11am–6pm

Sat noon–5pm