It’s easy to sympathise with Son Valise creator Vincent Corneille. Like many of us, he grew up with an audiophile of a father who, throughout Corneille’s childhood would constantly be tinkering with the amplifier to make things sound just that little bit warmer and relentlessly nattering about speakers. What differentiates the Corneille family, however, is the impact this long-standing love has had on them. Indeed, today, the family are the proud designers, builders and creators of the Jukecase, a collection of hand selected vintage suitcases converted into high-quality portable audio devices.

The very first Jukecase was created a little over a year ago. “The prototype was built by my dad,” says Vincent. “It was a fun summer project for him, as there were some new areas to explore in terms of batteries and portable amplifiers. One day I took the very first model along to a picnic with my friends and I had no idea how much fun it was going to be.

“A year earlier listening to music in the park would have been an introverted anti-social experience with headphones in our ears and our eyes closed; this made it an entirely different experience.”

After spending the better part of last year working on design and sourcing an excellent collection of suitcases and speakers from all around Melbourne, the continually expanding collection of Jukecases has now found its way out into the world. With a simple design ethos of hiding as much of the technology inside the case as possible and showing as little as need be on the outside, the Jukecase brings new technology and vintage charm together perfectly.

“It was sad that all of these beautiful old stereo systems were being thrown out in place of modern stereos of plastic and rubber. Design-wise it was win-win teaming the old speakers up with vintage suitcases.” One of the best things about Jukecases is that they cater to the individual – from feminine and petite to industrial and brutish. And for those harbouring a nifty collection of old cases in your parents’ garage? “We encourage people to bring us old cases from their homes that have been sitting around with no purpose for years and we’ll happily work on a custom design”.

The Jukecase runs off rechargeable lithium batteries that have approximately 10 hours life and use a standard headphone jack for MP3 connections.

Jukecases are currently available through the Etsy store and at various markets around Melbourne – keep an eye on their Facebook for updates.