It could be said that there are two types of people in the working world: those who arrive early in the morning with a cup of coffee, ready to reorganise their notes and colour code their highlighters, and then there is the rest of us, patiently waiting for the day when we can empty the contents of our desks into a suitcase, quietly push in the swivel chair and walk out the door, never to return.

If you’re the latter, the third Incu Mini Magazine is just what you’ve been looking for; comprehensive proof that going out on your own can work, if you’re prepared to work hard and follow your dreams.

In 2001, Brian and Vincent Wu were having lunch in the park when they simultaneously realised a shared dream that would grow to become Incu. Later that afternoon, both of them walked out on their comfortable I.T. jobs, sacrificing whatever traction they had in the corporate world for the far more romantic, if not entirely unfamiliar domain of retail business.

Over a decade later and Incu is celebrating its success with a third print edition, The Career Issue, devoted to people like Brian and Vincent, who have the courage to taste spectacular triumph and failure.

Inside the black and white cover are insightful interviews with young creative types who’ve managed to turn their lunchtime musings into a much more interesting reality. Vanishing Elephant co-founder Felix Chan for instance, encourages readers to quit their business degrees and learn by doing. Other interesting articles feature Chris Wu, the founder of Popfrenzy events, on locking himself in the supply closet, not to mention Anthony Kendal on Acne.

You can find the Incu Edition in-store at Incu, or email for a free copy.

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