Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the chemical process of combustion, releasing heat and light. But beyond that of a mere chemical equation, fire is a force that brings people together.

The Illuminated by Fire project brings together some of Victoria’s most respected regional artists and their local communities in presenting 10 fire-related artworks and installations to light up our winter sky.

As dark falls upon Fed Square, the artworks will come alive, with the artists guiding visitors around the works and discussing their pieces with the public.

Each artist brings their own interpretation of fire to the project and the installations are as diverse as they are visually stimulating. Maxine Salvatore, along with the Briagolong community, has created a huge, tiered chandelier of delicate organza buds. Hidden within the huge installation are LED lights, which are programmed to ebb and flow and change colour, representing the regenerative qualities of fire.

In The Cook and the Woodcutter, Trevor Flinn and the Dunkeld community have created a multimedia piece that showcases the art of woodcutting alongside that of wood-fired cooking. As part of the installation, the artist will teach visitors to how to light a wood-fired oven and cook the perfect scone.

Inaugurated around a year ago in numerous regional communities, the Illuminated by Fire project’s stint in Melbourne will serve as a time of reflection on the diverse role of fire within our lives and our landscape.

Showing at Federation Square June 29–July 3