You might know her as the photographer that makes the Trotski & Ash website look super scrumptious, but Lauren Bamford doesn’t just take pictures of the things those lovely ladies cook up. In fact she’s an artist in her own right and this week will see the opening of I Hope You Choke, an exhibition of her new photographic work at C3 Gallery in Abbotsford.

A documentary in images of Tasmanian roadside produce stands and farm-gate landscapes, it still has a familiar foodie focus, with a poignant and almost mournful edge. In Bamford’s own words it’s a collection of images reflecting “a romanticised social commentary of a dying concept, despite the growing popularity and need for self-sustainable living.”

We defy you not to look with new eyes at the next farm-gate stall you see. Uniquely Australian, distinctly Tasmanian, full of contradictions, it’s a collection that is bound to move you.

I hope You Choke opens this Wednesday April 27 at C3 Contemporary Art Space at The Abbotsford Convent, and run until May 15.

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