Love is hard to quantify, sure. It might be more than arms can reach when you try to tell your sweetheart how much she means to you, but this Valentines Day, airline flight search engine, Adioso, have worked out a better way to measure your love.

They've launched their How Much Do You Heart Me? Valentines Day campaign for lovers around the world who want to escape for a romantic weekend away. It's a super cute idea that allows you to find the best flights and accommodation over the coming weekends following Valentine's Day.

By using the How Much Do You Love Me? money meter, you are able to select a price range by answering the question of love with price gauging 'A Little' ($500) or 'Heaps' ($3000) and anywhere in between. So instead of searching by destination, you search by budget for a range of package options for you and your sweetheart.

So not only is Adosio a simple way to search for your next holiday, it is now the perfect cupid for the romantic and love struck. With great packages for two in Noosa to the more exgtravagant in California, there’s a whole lotta love for everyone! For the perfect gift or surprise just choose your price and sneak away with your loved one to share a dreamy weekend in an exotic location.