There’s a little big theatre show opening on January 26th at the Northcote Town Hall. Seven friends are having a party in a concrete backyard. Seven friends, a goon bag, one enormous joint. Something threatening is happening in the world outside and the friends are seeking refuge within, in the intimate circle of their friendship. They must warm their house. They must close the circle of their friendship against the buffeting flood.

But their hedonism will not catch fire. One of them is leaving the circle and the pure light of a full November moon threatens to shatter their togetherness. When the night begins they are together, shielding themselves from the arbitrary, changing world outside. But over the course of the evening, their circle explodes. By night’s end they are broken pieces of a once-complete whole. What will be left amongst the debris?

Honey Bunny's Sagittarian Full Moon Finale is a new play written and directed by Julian Hobba and produced as part of the Midsumma Festival Performing Arts Program. It plays at Northcote Town Hall from Jan 26 to Feb 5.

We have three double passes to giveaway to a preview of Honey Bunny’s Sagittarian Full Moon Finale on January 26 at 8.30pm. To win email with 'Hey Honey Bunny' as the subject.