Hamish Munro has been rather busy. While designing and crafting pieces for his next collection, he has also been quietly preparing to open his own art gallery this week.

Tucked behind Munro’s studio in an alley off Queen Street, Litre Gallery is probably the tiniest in the CBD. This suits Munro just fine. He wants Litre to be a small-scale project space that features the work of his creative friends and other local artists.

“It’s a project I’ve been thinking about for a while,” he says. “I liked the idea of having an open space where we could showcase small scale exhibitions and works.” And the name? “I’ve always liked the word, in the measurement of space sense and it was the name of our old Airedale.”

Munro plans to present exhibitions on a regular basis. The first up is a local painter named Jarek Wojcik with his exhibition dubbed Bijou. Originally from Poland, Wojcik uses his work as a platform to transport audiences to different times and places.

It may be minute, but with a creative like Munro on its side, this new space will definitely pack a punch.

Bijou by Jarek Wojcik shows at Litre Gallery from September 27 to October 11.

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