If you picked up a copy of the Herald Sun today you would have been pleasantly surprised to find a nice bright map of the city designed by local artist Beci Orpin tucked into its pages. The map is for a treasure hunt that The City of Melbourne have initiated called The Great Melbourne Treasure Hunt - it's basically the Amazing Race, only in Melbourne, and prizes are shopping, dining and pampering rather than the jackpot ($$).

To help you on your quest, the guys at Right Angle Studio, who are running the hunt, have commissioned Beci to illustrate the treasure map of Melbourne, featuring buildings, landmarks, parks, streets, shops and train stations in loads of detail - it’s bright, colourful and all in 3D perspective too.

If you missed out on getting the map in the paper today, it will also be available online from February 9 (tomorrow), or you can pick up a hard copy from the City Concierge desk, which will be set up especially for the hunt outside the Melbourne Town Hall.

So to stay up to date with clues and giveaways keep your eye on the The Great Melbourne Treasure Hunt blog, as well as their Twitter and Facebook pages. Crack the clues, find the secret locations and identify the hunt marshal to enter the draw for that day’s prize. Collect all five answers and follow the last hunt on February 26 to solve the final clue to win the grand prize.