Where do Melbourne’s writers go to hang out? There are bookshops, cafes and (the cliched) bars drenched in mood lighting and a smoky haze. Wherever a writer ends up though, writing is mostly a solitary pursuit.

The Good Copy is coaxing writers out of their lonely existences and inviting them to be part of a community. In a space designed by Rosie Scott at the front of Magic Johnston, the Good Copy provides shelves of publications to flick through and take home, essential writers references and style manuals and a bountiful supply of the classic four-colour pen. It will also host workshops and events aimed at the literary inclined.

Equal parts writers’ studio, shop, school and publisher, The Good Copy’s simple goal is to encourage networking among Melbourne writers and provide a practical understanding of the world of freelancing.

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Behind The Good Copy is a dream team of Melbourne writers and editors: a group that has collectively written for Fairfax, Frankie, Rookie, Vice, Smith Journal and Broadsheet, along with creating its own publications too.

Co-founder of The Good Copy, and previous editor of The Thousands, Penny Modra believes the city is full of potential. She wants to help writers make their freelance writing career goals a reality.

“I think many people have this idea that they like writing – but how does that turn from a desire to a pay cheque?” she says. “They sort of think, ‘Where can I hang out? Who is going to give me advice on this?’ What we’d really like to do, through the events especially, is have a series that can give writers a nice practical understanding of what everyone else does: how much they might charge, how editors really want to interact with them and how they can start building a freelance career and actually make money from writing.”

While The Good Copy’s team of eight is a hardworking bunch, don’t expect to be met by hardcore literary pros too preoccupied with their knowledge of syntax to be welcoming. These guys are handing out free apples, rocking four-colour pen pendant necklaces and curating workshops called, Stop. Grammar Time!

“It’s not a stuffy environment. We’re trying to make it a fun and approachable place – not too cool or intimidating for anyone,” says creative director Max Olijnyk.

The Good Copy wants to create a space where writers can collaborate and gain access to industry advice all year round. In the coming months it will run a range of events, from networking evenings hosted by different publications, to feature film and documentary screenings and panel discussions.

Designed to cater to budding writers, it is also open to those who just want to write clearer emails or dazzle their Facebook and Twitter followers with punchier status updates. The Good Copy is here to make your words good.

The Good Copy
27–29 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Wed to Fri 10am–6pm
Sat 10am–5pm