Plenty of the works are interactive too. Ilan El (of ilanel design studio) has created a series of disc-shaped lighting pieces that explore colourful illumination with the twist of a knob. Multimedia artist Scott Baker’s Abre Ojos project takes the form of an entrancing, kaleidoscopic dreamscape, which has been performed at Eclipse Festival 2012 and Rainbow Serpent, while designer Kent Gration’s Wambamboo range of bamboo constellation pendant lights were inspired by his environmentally-minded design philosophy.

With 17 diverse artists to accommodate, the inaugural event will be shown across two unique spaces. Anita Traverso Gallery will predominantly showcase design pieces and readymade works, while the Abbotsford Convent will host a collection of video and installation pieces – its ecclesiastical spaces and riverside grounds enabling more site-specific and experimental works.

With gawking, ogling and staring highly encouraged, Globelight Festival 2013 promises to be a feast for the senses and a bright spot on the cultural calendar. “We really want it to be a festival that pushes the boundaries, where people come along to Globelight expecting to have something really innovative and exciting to look forward to seeing each year,” says Mitchell-Fin.

Globelight Festival 2013 launches on August 2 and runs until August 31.