Though some use the term ‘super future’ to describe the otherworldliness of Tokyo’s architectural and neon jungle, for artist Ghostpatrol, the notion of ‘super future’ exists on a far more remote plane of reality.

“I’m not thinking 100 years into the future, I’m thinking of 100 million years, something that’s beyond our comprehension,” he says. “I’m using the term in my own definition. It’s not a scientific term used to group things, it’s a literal one and an invitation to get you in.”

And while this might sound all very abstract and a little heavy, this preoccupation with the distant future fascinates Ghostpatrol and provides the impetus for his new exhibition at Backwoods Gallery, Cosmic Scale and the Super Future.

Ghostpatrol’s interest in scientific vernacular and the manner by which its instruments are named (Large Hadron Collider and Very Large Telescope) manifests itself in the way he speaks and the way he has titled works in the past.

Cosmic Scale and the Super Future features acrylic paintings on linen that explore futuristic shapes and forms unbound by time and place. “It’s an invitation to people to come and see how they think about these broader ideas,” he says. “Some artists are very resolved, but I feel like my work represents the process of thinking about the super future. Quantum theory is imagining that world, it’s not actually illustrating it.”

The exhibition also explores ideas of the metaphysical and cosmic scale. “We are already beyond the Earth thinking about space, the universe and the multiverse. For me that’s space, it’s not the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. That’s too close; that’s human territory.”

These paintings contain their own mythology and are occupied by archetypes and abstract shapes that form new landscapes. Ghostpatrol makes clear that his intention is to create art that communicates strongly and is aesthetically beautiful. “These paintings tie to my history of work that’s really nostalgic and folky, and the style is welcoming and enticing. That’s the language I use to paint.”

Cosmic Scale and the Super Future shows until June 13 at Backwoods Gallery, 25 Easy Street, Collingwood