Hopping on a stationary bike to listen to other people grunt over covers of Euro-techno isn’t everyone’s idea of a great workout, but luckily for us there are exercise options out there that will get you sweating and smiling from start to end.

Physique Aerobics is inspired by the freestyle aerobics classes that took the world by storm in the 1980s and – thanks to Jane Fonda and her contemporaries – made legwarmers a must-have sport and fashion accessory.

Having built itself quite a following in Sydney, Physique Aerobics has now set-up a leotard-clad team down here in Melbourne, dishing out moves from the best 1980s routines, guaranteed to give you buns of steel and a serious abdominal workout. But really, it’s just really good fun.

After a hiatus earlier this year, Physique Aerobics returns to Melbourne next Wednesday. Each week, the instructor will put together a playlist worthy of some serious hip swaying and you’ll be free to channel your inner Blondie or vintage Madonna, circa Like a Virgin.

Get a taste of the class with this home video that Shannon, an instructor from Sydney, cooked up. It’s called Sweat Your Way to Fitness and promises a workout that will deliver a “fit, firm, fabulous new you”. We definitely like the sound of that.

JTC Studios, 67 Cromwell Street, Collingwood

Wednesday nights from 7pm